Raquel M. Horn, an artistic force emerging from the lively scene of Hilton Head, South Carolina. Raised in a diverse environment and fueled by an incredibly supportive upbringing, Raquel’s creative essence manifested through an early love for photography.

Venturing beyond her roots, Raquel made her way to the pulsating heart of creativity—New York City. Little did she know, this move would intertwine her fate with none other than the legendary Damon Dash, who would not only become a close friend but also a cherished partner. Raquel’s journey hasn’t been without its formidable challenges. Battling infertility for over seven years and weathering the storm of a heart-wrenching child loss, she emerged with unwavering strength and resilience. Today, Raquel stands proudly as a mother, savoring every precious moment with her child.

In the vibrant tapestry of Raquel M. Horn’s journey, her son Dusko emerges as the heartbeat, the essence, and the ultimate triumph. Dusko isn’t just a part of her story; he’s the very purpose that fuels her creative odyssey. Raquel, a devoted mother, channels her heart and soul into Dusko, finding profound joy in witnessing his exploration of life and the infectious happiness he radiates. These simple yet powerful moments of growth and shared joy become Raquel’s proudest achievements.

The inspiration to immerse herself in the dynamic world of creativity and entrepreneurship comes in the form of a relentless force—Damon Dash. His unwavering encouragement has been the catalyst for her personal and professional growth, pushing her daily to evolve into a better version of herself. Recognizing Raquel’s multifaceted passion for music, art, photography, painting, and drawing, Damon imparted the invaluable skill of channeling these passions into profitable endeavors.

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Amidst personal challenges like the loss of her first child and the anticipation of her second, Dusko, Raquel found a profound purpose in creating a lasting legacy during the COVID era. Overcoming dyslexia from her childhood and with her father’s guidance, she triumphed with “DUSKO GOES TO SPACE” and defied doubters of her academic potential. Now, with the upcoming release of “DUSKO GOES TO SEA,” her journey extends beyond photography into literature, magazines, music, movies, and a captivating cooking show. Her vibrant career takes a pivotal turn with the children’s book, seamlessly blending storytelling passion with a mission to inspire and educate young minds. “Dusko Goes to Space” becomes a catalyst for Raquel to reach and influence young readers, sparking impactful events from diverse book tours to connections with schools, teachers, parents, and importantly, children.

Raquel’s current pursuits are dynamic, with her creative flame sparking a range of projects aimed at inspiring and fostering positive impact. Her upcoming book, “Dusko Goes to Sea,” is a poignant addition to her captivating “Dusko Goes to” series. Simultaneously, she fearlessly shares her IVF journey on the show “Health is Wealth,” fostering connection and inspiration. “Apple Fish Kids,” an OSG-driven initiative, takes the spotlight as a diverse children’s network offering educational content in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, and Sign Language. This all converges on the platform of AMERICA NU, a collaborative network developed with Damon Dash over 15 years. The anticipation also grows for the vibrant music from the Bluroc label, featuring artists like The Black Guns, Nicky Licky, Mya, Freeway, and Boogie Dash. Each project is a vibrant brushstroke, contributing to Raquel’s masterpiece of inspiration and empowerment.

At the helm of AMERICA NU is Prophecy Onasis, whose connection with Raquel M. Horn developed when a serendipitous meeting between Boogie and Space in Vegas revealed shared aspirations. This led to a recognition that their bond held deeper significance. The alignment of Prophecy and Dame seamlessly integrated media and advertising, finding its ideal home on the AMERICA NU NETWORK. Their shared aspiration is to elevate AMERICA NU into a household name and cultural phenomenon, breaking boundaries. To embark on this exciting journey, they invite everyone to join the movement—download now and witness the transformation of the AMERICA NU NETWORK into a beacon of innovation and creativity.

In the unfolding chapters of Raquel M. Horn’s future, a vibrant tapestry of accomplishments awaits. Over the next five years, she envisions a continued expansion of the “Dusko Goes to” series, with each book promising exciting adventures and valuable life lessons for young readers. The growth of “Apple Fish Kids” stands as a pivotal goal. Determined to amplify her voice as an advocate for children’s education, she emphasizes the transformative power of literature and creative content. Personally, she sees herself evolving as a writer, creator, and mother, eagerly embracing new experiences and opportunities.

Devoted to continuous learning, Raquel M. Horn follows a disciplined routine that involves early mornings for self-reflection, balancing personal well-being and business goals. She remains at the forefront of her diverse fields through regular workouts, healthy eating, and ongoing education. Book tours include school visits, offering direct insights into the evolving needs of young readers and educators, allowing for adaptable and enhanced storytelling and educational approaches. Maintaining connections with fellow authors and industry professionals through conversations facilitates an exchange of ideas, keeping her informed about emerging practices. As a mother, Raquel gains inspiration from her experiences with her child, obtaining firsthand insights into effective engagement and education for young minds.

Raquel M. Horn’s mission and vision revolve around inspiring and educating young minds, fostering positive change, and leaving a legacy of empowerment and resilience. As a devoted mother, she aims to instill the values of dreaming big and resilience in her son, Dusko. Through projects like the “Dusko Goes to” series and “Apple Fish Kids,” she extends these values to all children, encouraging them to recognize their potential and reach for their dreams. Raquel envisions a world where children embrace diversity, appreciate storytelling, and value inclusivity in education. By creating multilingual educational content on America NU, she seeks to contribute to a more accessible and inclusive learning experience. Her overarching goal is to make a meaningful impact on the industry and community by inspiring, educating, and sharing knowledge for collective growth and evolution.

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