NOW I hate to call this new meme that stars Rocky as X, but it’s bound to become a Twitter regular.

In fact, in a quickly shared viral video, Rocky was seen stopping mid-sentence to appear as though he heard Rihanna laughing in the background.

Rocky can be seen beginning to respond to a question at a red carpet event at the beginning of the remarkably short film, but he quickly pauses it.

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“How the hell is that?” Rocky looks at his surroundings and straight into the camera with a fun expression before speaking. “What did that mean?”

Rocky’s remark, of course, sparked a flurry of reactions right away. A few of them are shown below. Fans will see that this is the second time in as many months that Rocky has unintentionally capitalized on social media virality. There was the whole vomiting paparazzo incident in October.

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In the midst of F1 celebrations in Las Vegas, Rocky recently organized what Complex’s Mike DeStefano subsequently dubbed “the hottest destination.” In honor of his new Puma and F1 line, Rocky launched the pop-up event on Friday. Rocky made an iconic debut by hanging out of a car window. Most notably, Rihanna also showed up.

That same evening, Rocky was asked if he and his partner might work on art projects together. When asked, he mentioned that their two kids together were their “best creation” to date during an interview with Complex.

“If me and my lady was to collab, what could we team up and just fucking just smash and go crazy on?” In Complex, Rocky said. “I believe that we are really good at working together and having kids. That’s our best invention to date, in my opinion.”


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