Social internet is exploding with Gen V fans laughing at behind-the-scenes video of Antony Starr pulling off a stunt from Homelander.

The actor from New Zealand plays the commander of the Seven, John Gillman, also known as Homelander, in the 2019 Amazon Prime comedy superhero TV series The Boys.

People have already rushed to the end of the Gen V spinoff series, which debuted in September of this year, when Homelander makes an unexpected appearance. Get ready for some funny behind-the-scenes footage of Gillman:

Starr makes a brief appearance as Homelander in the first season finale of Gen V, Guardians of Godolkin, opposite Billy Butcher, played by Karl Urban.

True, The Boys and Generation V fans were already aware that Starr would be appearing in the spin-off when the actor was spotted on set by paparazzi.

Eric Kripke, showrunner of The Boys and executive producer of Gen V, told Entertainment Weekly, “I find it totally infuriating.” That kind of stuff just finds its way into the world, no matter how hard security mechanisms are put in place, and that’s unfortunate.”

The Boys season four, the spin-off and original drama’s impending comeback, is connected by Starr and Urban’s presence.

And to keep fans entertained while they wait for the newest season, which is scheduled to premiere in 2024, here’s a humorous behind-the-scenes video of Starr practicing a stunt for his Gen V cameo.

In the video, which @homelanderbot uploaded to X, Starr is seen in his Homelander outfit being lifted into the air by two wires.

The actor is shown as being elevated extremely high, and his response is extremely realistic.

“Fk off,” he can be heard saying. Fck away, Fk my life, ah. Screw this. Fck away. C*s, fking. Holy crap. Alright. Let’s go, please.”

And the video has viewers laughing uncontrollably.

Gen V enthusiasts are swarming the post with excitement as a result of the behind-the-scenes look at Starr’s thoughts on the prank.

All one X user could say was, “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.”

“Homelander being scared of heights isn’t something I thought I would see today,” another stated.

Another said, “By that f**kometer count he can play young Logan Roy.”

“At that height, anyone will regret all the decisions they have made to get there,” concluded the fourth person. However, what a show they’ve made.”

In response, the Boys X page said, “What do ya mean, he was havin’ loads of fun.”


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