By means of a two-year agreement, ESPN and the LPGA will stream live Featured Group coverage of eight Ladies Pro Golf Association events on EPSN+ until 2025. This will provide golf enthusiasts with additional access points to view women’s golf.

ESPN+ will broadcast a select LPGA Tour event, featuring the rounds of four Featured Groups. Two groups will be broadcast in the morning and two more in the afternoon on EPSN+ during the championships of the following two seasons.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with ESPN+ to elevate women’s golf,” said LPGA commissioner Mollie Marcoux Samaan. “With the creation of one-of-a-kind broadcasts that bring viewers closer to the action, fans are in for a real treat.”

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While EPSN+ and the league refrained from disclosing specifics regarding the agreement, Golf reports that the LPGA has set a record purse of $116.5 million for the 2024 season, an increase of $15 million from prior years. The agreement provides an opportunity for the LPGA to enhance its visibility, similar to the well-known PGA Tour, while also enabling spectators to view the tournaments without the need to invest in an expensive cable package.

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The news arrives prior to this week’s CME Group Tour Championship, which will be streamed live Featured Group coverage of the LPGA Tour on EPSN+ for the second consecutive year. Additionally, ESPN+ will broadcast the 2024 CME Group Tour Championship.

In 2024, the complete schedules for all eight LPGA tournaments will be made public.

“With PGA Tour Live on ESPN+, the Masters, PGA Championship, TGL, and now the LPGA on EPSN+, we’re bringing more golf to more fans than ever before,” said ESPN senior vice president of international programming and programming Tim Bunnell.

For the complete LPGA Tour schedule for the 2023 season, please visit EPSN. In the interim, Cord Cutters News will provide updates on the 2024 ESPN+ schedule.


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