Recently, both 2pac and Suge Knight have been back in the news for distinctly different reasons.

In the instance of Tupac, this is due to Keefe D’s apprehension in connection with the rapper’s infamous homicide. After engaging in numerous interviews where he openly acknowledged his involvement in the rapper’s demise, Keefe was acquitted by Las Vegas police on suspicion of the crime nearly three decades ago.

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Regarding Suge Knight, his recently acquired attention has been deliberately directed. Recently, he launched Collect Call With Suge Knight, a new podcast. Despite the fact that only two episodes have been released thus far, both have contained an abundance of intriguing revelations. In the premiere episode, Suge disproved Warren G’s claim that he was involved in Pac’s release from prison. Even further, he asserted that the two individuals had never developed a romantic interest for one another. He disclosed the identity of a lady who played a significant role in connecting Pac and Suge while the rapper was incarcerated in the second episode. However, it is currently someone else who is conducting revelations regarding the two.

The Art Of Dialogue interviewed Gobi M. Rahimi, a music video director with whom 2pac collaborated on multiple occasions, earlier this week. Utilizing the occasion, he disproved Suge Knight and 2pac’s apparent proximity. “Numerous individuals have remarked that they resembled brothers, or such.” “All I could see were instances in which he yelled and screamed at Suge or Death Row inmates who were attempting to locate his money,” he started.

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Rahimi can even recall a particular and intricate moment. “‘I recall hearing at one point that Suge had also received the $700,000 check that 2Pac received for his performance in Gridlock’d. “Pac was yelling and screaming on the phone, ‘Why the f*ck is my movie money coming to you?'” he elaborated.


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