It’s hard to tell if Snoop Dogg is telling the truth when he says he’s giving up smoking for good. Smoking has been a big part of his business from the start.

The Doggfather shocked his Instagram fans on Thursday with the PSA… “I’ve chosen to quit smoking after giving it a lot of thought and talking it over with my family. Please give me some space right now.” At first glance, it looks like a serious message—it’s not 4/1 today.

In the comments, fans had a hard time understanding what the news meant. People said that Snoop without the Chronic was like ying without the yang, and many thought he was just switching to edibles to keep his lungs clear.

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Snoop has quit smoking before, around the time of the release of “Paid tha Cost to Be da Bo$$” in 2002. However, his break wasn’t long lasting, as he quickly moved into the Snoop Lion era a few years later. At that point, he told her this in a sit-down, saying that he just couldn’t stop using marijuana.

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In a strange twist, his “Mac & Devin” friend Wiz Khalifa recently said the exact opposite: he was quitting drinking alcohol completely and smoking more.

Snoop just posted a picture of his ashtray that was full of cigarettes less than a week ago, so it might be hard for him to quit. But maybe he was just getting ready for the rehab.

If he really is giving up on smoking pot, it’s been a long and interesting trip. Burn one for Big Dogg, and then maybe do what he does?


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