There has been a somewhat strange story circulating about Will Smith lately.

In essence, Brother Bilaal—his once helper and friend—is penning a book on his experiences with Will. In addition, he wishes to garner as much publicity as he can for this book. As a result, he ended up appearing on Tasha K’s show, where he clarified a few purported stories from the book. He digressed, for example, by saying that he had once witnessed Will having sex with actor Duane Martin.

Brother Bilaal asserted, “I saw Duane having anal sex with Will when I opened the door to his dressing room.” “There was a couch, and as Will was hunched over it, Duane got up and started killing him. Murder took place there. These accusations became widely known for a variety of reasons overall. Smith’s name has been the target of numerous rumors lately, and this one really took it to the next level.

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The actor’s crew has chosen to reply as a result. All in all, it is understandable why. People are drawing judgments too quickly, and this is a strange story to be spreading. Smith’s representative took quick to clarify how none of this is true in a statement provided to TMZ. The spokesman declared, “This claim is categorically false and this story is completely fabricated.” It will now be up to Brother Bilaal to provide evidence for his allegations, which might not be feasible.

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Tasha K is coming under fire after the interview appeared to be quite nasty. Please share your thoughts on this story in the space provided for comments below. For more news and updates from the entertainment industry, continue to follow HNHH. We’ll make an effort to notify you at all times.


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