We all know Angelina Jolie doesn’t take crap, and this video certainly shows it.

Jolie was joined by her brother James Haven at the 57th annual Golden Globe Awards in 2000, when she received an award for Girl, Interrupted.

Following her victory, Jolie was photographed kissing her brother on the lips, causing a media frenzy at the moment.

Jay Leno had joined in on the frenzy, making incestuous jokes about Jolie and Haven like many others.

These words were clearly unpleasant for the family, particularly Jolie and Haven’s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand.

Because Leno was among those who made fun of the issue, Jolie retaliated on his own show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

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When Jolie sat down, Leno addressed the elephant in the room, saying he knew she was upset with her.

However, this was about comments he’d made about her and her then-new husband, Billy Bob Thornton.

When asked if she was upset by the jokes, the actress replied, “They were too stupid to be upset about.”

Instead, Jolie addressed the comments about her and her brother, saying, “Anybody here, you know, when someone says stuff about your family, it’s just not okay.”

“And my mom’s just not been okay about the stuff about me and my brother.”

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The Hollywood actor then handed Leno a piece of paper with his personal comments on the situation written on it, and she asked him to read them aloud.

“I’ve highlighted the two that [my mom] really appreciated and made her sick,” Jolie added, pointing to the newspaper.

In an attempt to defend himself, the 24-year-old stated it was ‘nice of you to simply get in with everybody else’.

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Leno continued to skirt the subject, insisting that they were just “silly jokes,” but he never apologized.

Jolie is still praised for calling him out 20 years after his remarks.

“Normalize calling men on their sh*t in public,” one Reddit user said.

“He thinks he’s so clever but the moment she calls him on it he becomes squirmy and uncomfortable.”

Another person commented, “What a delicious public dragging.”

“You are a legend.” He was trying to backpedal really hard, but she wasn’t having it,” a third added.

Someone else praised Jolie’s behavior as ‘queen sh*t’.

Jay Leno’s representative has been contacted for comment.


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