Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, recently spilled the beans about his childhood and upbringing during an interview with Jason Lee on his show, which aired on Wednesday (November 15).

Furthermore, it includes several assertions about her personal life and sexuality, her feuds with the mothers of her son’s children, and much more. Understandably, a lot of this didn’t sit well with him, even if he brushed it off on social media. When these videos began to circulate online, the California rapper moved to Twitter to express his displeasure with his mother’s opinions.

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“Karlissa, why are you telling this sad a** story? I like being disliked,” Blueface wrote late Wednesday. As a result, he argued that his mother portrayed his challenges in an overly negative way, despite the fact that he is becoming very successful and profitable as a result of his antics and obsessions with his behavior. Furthermore, the “BDD” MC addressed Karlissa Saffold’s previous remarks regarding her husband’s member being larger than his. “Yo husband d**k is not bigger then mine on sY stop saying that,” the man said.

Meanwhile, here are some snippets from Blueface’s mother’s interview on The Jason Lee Show. “I don’t think he wants to share that he actually had a good life,” said Karlissa Saffold. “I don’t know, I feel like rappers want to play like they’ve been through hell and back.” Maybe he didn’t receive enough of it. “To be honest, I’m at a loss for words.” “Y’all already got mad when I said something about that,” she continued, referring to the comparison of her son and her husband. “So, I’m not bringing that dk up.” My man’s dk is simply bigger than his d**k. That was a joke meant to be funny. That was a prank. So, I’m not sure.


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“When I saw that, people don’t realize, I took a whole day and just sat in my car,” she recalled, almost tearfully, of Blue revealing his son’s hernia on the Internet. “I spent an entire day in the car researching and looking it up.” I went right into mommy mode. That freaked me out, and I wasn’t prepared. I’m familiar with [him]. When he does such erratic s**t, he says, ‘Help, I don’t know what to do.’ We weren’t talking at the time.”


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