Unfortunately, today has some terrible news for cyclists. Warner Bros. Discovery declared that GCN+ would be discontinued the following month. Subscribers to the streaming service had access to an enormous number of exclusive live cycling events.

There will be a global merger of the service into Discovery+. It won’t occur in the United States, though.

When GCN+ originally debuted in 2021, it served as a single resource for the top cycling events. However, Warner Bros. Discovery has now made the decision to shut down the channel, with December 19, 2023, being the last day of operation.

Warner Bros. Discovery sent out a message to its subscribers, stating, “This is in line with our larger plan to combine our streaming services to offer consumers the greatest selection of entertainment content in addition to all of their favorite sports in one location, with the goal of delivering increased value to subscribers and their entire household.”

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While foreign users will be able to join Discovery+, domestic viewers have limited options. The FAQ for American clients simply states, “At this time, there is no information available regarding the availability of live cycling events.”

The subscription service that offered more live events is regretfully closing, but GCN will still be available for free on YouTube and other platforms.

The complete notice about the service’s termination may be found here:

2021 saw the release of GCN+. It was a brand-new service that would feature all of the live racing that we had been televising on RacePass since 2020, together with our own cutting-edge cycling videos and a weekly show. However, we regret to inform you that as of December 19, 2023, GCN+ and the GCN App will be shut down.

Our parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), made this decision, which is motivated by its global ambition to simplify its streaming services and provide content in fewer locations so that users can access and discover more material more easily. In order to continue watching live cycling in Europe, GCN+ subscribers can now choose to subscribe to Discovery+, Eurosport, or Eurosport Extra. WBD is examining the methods used to provide its fans with material in markets outside of Europe.

Subscriptions will get pro-rata refunds starting on December 19.

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In light of the recent developments, we sincerely thank you and the hundreds of thousands of cycling enthusiasts who have helped us out by becoming GCN+ subscribers.

Also. we want to express our gratitude to all of the gifted and dedicated individuals who have dedicated their lives to producing such incredible material on GCN+ and the GCN App. We share your disappointment that we will be unable to continue providing these services to you.

We are incredibly happy of everything we have accomplished over the past four years with GCN+ and the GCN App, including all of the live race coverage and the more than 200 documentaries we have produced.

For the benefit of everyone who has put so much effort into GCN+ and the GCN App, we would also want to add that these platforms’ underperformance and lack of functionality are not the reason for its closure. In order to provide material in a single location, WBD’s streaming services are being combined because the landscape of the media sector has actually altered.

There are undoubtedly a lot of people out there with inquiries that this news article doesn’t address. We have tried to answer as many as we can here. If you have any more, kindly put them in the comments box below, and we will try our best to respond.


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