YouTube announced modifications to its platform in light of the exponential growth and fascination surrounding artificial intelligence.

New content labels and disclosure requirements are being implemented by the video-sharing application in an effort to assist users in identifying videos that contain “altered or synthetic content.” More specifically, it is the responsibility of creators to provide disclosure when they have “generated realistic content that has been altered or synthetic, including through the use of AI tools.” Platform enhancements will provide creators with additional options to notify viewers in the event of such circumstances.

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YouTube issued the following statement: “We know that AI will introduce new risks and will necessitate new approaches; however, all content uploaded to YouTube is subject to our Community Guidelines, irrespective of its generation method.”

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YouTube has implemented policies regarding “manipulated content” that “pose a grave risk of egregious harm” and “may mislead viewers.” An entirely new suite of tools introduced by AI have already been utilized dishonestly. NPR highlighted earlier this year the ease with which it is possible to create a deepfake—an image, voice, or video that has been altered with artificial intelligence to make it appear as though someone (typically a celebrity) has done or said something they have not.

YouTube also announced that its privacy request procedure will enable users to request the removal of AI-generated or other synthetic or altered content that imitates the appearance or voice of a person who is recognizable. According to YouTube, removal is not guaranteed due to the fact that several factors are taken into account prior to deactivating a video.

YouTube stated, “[AI usage disclosure] is particularly critical when the content in question pertains to sensitive subjects, including elections, ongoing conflicts, public health crises, elections, or public officials.”

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YouTube has announced that videos featuring sensitive content will be assigned a more conspicuous label.

Failure to utilize the identifiers “consistently” by content creators may result in the removal of their work and the imposition of additional sanctions. YouTube stated it would collaborate with content providers before the new requirements became official.

AI has dominated the news over the past year due to the meteoric rise in popularity of ChatGPT. Businesses have been frantically searching for methods to integrate the technology. In the pursuit of attaining a competitive advantage, expert advisories have been largely disregarded. Consequences of AI utilization and the absence of regulation are currently being experienced in the publishing, music, and art industries. Earlier this year, when Hollywood writers and actors went on strike, AI was also a pivotal issue.


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