Fans are ecstatic about the first trailer for The Garfield Movie, which was just published.

Chris Pratt appears to be getting better and better as the voice of Garfield in the next movie.

Watch the teaser below:

When it was first revealed that the actor would be providing the voice of the title character, it caused much ridicule, but some fans now appear to be supporting him.

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Pratt appears to be falling into a pattern here, since he was previously made fun of when it was revealed he would be portraying Mario from Nintendo in the then-upcoming Super Mario Bros. film.

The trailer for the Garfield movie opens sweetly enough, tracing the history of the orange tabby Persian cat and how he came to know John, his owner.

The Italian cat comes out to play when John offers to share some of his food, gobbling up everything in sight.

Following some standard comedy shenanigans from Garfield, the teaser presents us to a new character: Vic, Garfield’s father (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson).

The difficult character’s father then uses some of his own pranks to demonstrate where the troublemaker got his nasty disposition from.

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The trailer was met with immediate applause from fans who expressed their eagerness for its formal release.

“This looks fantastic.” One YouTuber commented, “I was a little worried about the artwork, but everyone acts and feels exactly like they do in the comics.”

Another said: “I love animation a lot, and this looks fantastic! I’m happy that Mark Dindal is at last helming another animated film! I am really excited for May 2024!

“This looks way better than any of us expected,” wrote another commenter.

It’s surprisingly appropriate that the trailer be published on Monday for Garfield. Another person commented, “Sony knows what they’re doing with the Garfield lore,” referring to Garfield’s historical dislike of Mondays.

Pratt is hardly expected to win over all of his detractors, even with the present great reception.

The actor got harsh criticism when it was revealed in April that he would be playing the annoying cat.

“Yet another example of casting the more popular person, not the best person for the role,” commented a commenter on X. This will regrettably always be a major issue in Hollywood.”

“Did all the other men in Hollywood lose their voices?” inquired another.

“Who did he blackmail to get him these parts?” inquired a third.

Bill Murray had previously provided the voice of Garfield in two live-action/CGI hybrid movies.

If Pratt can persuade his doubters that he can successfully bring Jim Davis’ comedic persona to life, only time will tell.

On May 24, 2024, The Garfield Movie is scheduled to open in theaters.


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