Will Smith has experienced hardships in the past several years. Being Will is not easy, as seen by the Oscars incident and Jada Pinkett Smith’s admissions regarding their personal life.

But he seemed to be doing well these days. In general, he is laid back on social media and follows his own path, regardless of what others may think. Regretfully, though, there are still some out there who wish to ruin his life by spreading false information. It so happens that Brother Bilaal, his erstwhile friend and assistant, is one of those persons.

The former assistant recently had a conversation with Tasha K, a gossip blogger. Salacious interviews on Tasha K’s platform are well-known. It is therefore not surprising that Bilaal would end up there. Ultimately, he is endorsing a book titled Will Smith Demonic Circle, which he wrote about Smith. Brother Bilaal claims that Smith had sex with Duane Martin in the interview with Tasha K, which you can watch here. He describes what he witnessed in great detail, often using strong language.

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Brother Bilaal remarked, “I saw Duane having anal sex with Will when I opened the door to his dressing room.” “Duane was standing up and killing Will, who was hunched over a couch,” the story goes. Murder took place there. In the end, no one exists to support these assertions. Martin and Smith, who seemed to have a grudge against Bilaal, are unlikely to even consider such rumors.

What happens to these accusations is still to be seen. It appears that in the days ahead, Brother Bilaal will speak a great deal more.


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