A recent film on Netflix that chronicles a contentious tale has garnered accolades as a “masterpiece.”

You might believe that swimming the Channel would be the pinnacle of endurance in long-distance swimming.

Not only are you stuck with chilly water and no wet suits allowed, but you also have to dodge huge ships and the possibility of raw sewage (at least on the British side).

However, a movie about a woman who accomplished an even longer achievement has just been published on Netflix.

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Diana Nyad is the subject of our discussion, who made an incredible attempt to swim across the Florida Straits.

For those who are unaware, this body of water is located between Cuba to the south and the Florida Keys to the north.

There are around 106 miles separating Havana, Cuba, from Key West, Florida, which is the southernmost point in Florida.

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The waters between Florida and Cuba are significantly warmer, but warmer water also brings with them a host of additional hazards.

Naturally, these are only a few of the numerous shark and jellyfish species that call the warm seas home.

And we’re not talking about little jellyfish and sharks that merely give you a slight tickle. We are discussing Bull and Tiger Sharks, Box Jellyfish, and the Portuguese Man O’War, which is technically not a jellyfish but should still be avoided.

The aptly named Nyad—a Greek mythological “naiad” is a sea spirit—tried swimming without a shark cage.

had to give up earlier attempts because she got Portuguese Man O’War stings on her face, even though she was wearing a protective garment.

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She donned a silicon mask to shield her face from the stings when she eventually accomplished the feat in 2013, but it also caused her to drink a lot of seawater, which led to episodes of vomiting.

Furthermore, because there was insufficient documentation following the exhausting 53-hour swim, the Guinness Book of World Records declined to recognize her record.

“I thought we had provided all the proof we needed,” Nyad said to the LA Times.

Perhaps I was overly arrogant, believing that I didn’t need to demonstrate my abilities to anyone. It’s my fault. However, it wasn’t done to circumvent the laws. We never received the warning, “You must do this in order to be ratified.”

The incredible swim and the woman who accomplished it will now be dramatized in the Netflix original movie Nyad, starring Jodie Foster.

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The new movie has received a ton of acclaim from viewers in the comments section.

“I watched this yesterday,” someone commented. I heartily endorse this film! The cast is fantastic, and the story is one of never giving up.”

Another posted: “Cried as I watched it tonight. The mental faculties of willpower, tenacity, and self-belief!”

A third said: Very motivating! It’s astounding how resilient and determined the inner self is. I’ve seen it twice.her final “three things” address.”


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