Controversial Logan Paul, a YouTube sensation and boxing champion, has done what he does best: gone viral online.

Today (November 13), the 29-year-old US boxer struck a chord with certain X users after uploading a video of himself breaking a $500,000 gold PRIME energy drink bottle.

In recognition of selling one billion bottles of the popular drink, co-founders Paul and his fellow social media star KSI presented a brand new challenge to their fans earlier this year.

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Fans would have 48 hours to discover the code that would open a case containing the solid gold bottle, with the lucky winner going away with the $500,000 reward.

Despite the fact that two children cracked the code in the United Kingdom, allowing KSI to select a winner for the London Golden Prime bottle, the New York bottle had to be destroyed.

“Get closer, it’s melting,” the Sidemen star says as the solid gold bottle is half-submerged in the lava-like substance.

“You can tell.

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“Oh, my goodness. That stings. That’s $250,000 out the door. Gone. “Exactly like that.”

“Oh, no!” he exclaims as the rest of the gold vanishes.

Hundreds of YouTube followers around the world have reacted negatively to the social media activity, with many saying that the bottle should have been sold and the proceeds donated to charity.

“What a waste. The $500k could have gone to charity. “Can’t expect that from a Paul brother,” one viewer commented on X, now known as Twitter.

“Why is there so much waste?” asked another. A third said, “I would never root for that guy again, could at least go to charity!”

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Others, on the other hand, have defended the social media sensation, pointing out that the heat would not have damaged the solid gold.

“The gold wasn’t destroyed only the bottle, the gold will be taken and reused, so nothing here was actually wasted except people’s time,” a member of the public said. “This is for the ppl in the comments who don’t understand lol.”

“It just melted,” said another. The advantage of gold is that it may be cooled and yet be gold.”

“I’m concerned about the remarks on this. They’re basically melting down the gold…” wrote a third.

The contentious footage was released just hours after Paul announced his retirement from boxing, acknowledging that financial concerns influenced his choice.

“I think I’m retired from boxing,” he told Fox Business. I believe I’ve accomplished enough in the sport.

“Now I’m going to be a wrestler.” There is no longer money in boxing, and every company is bankrupt.

“It feels fantastic. It was an outstanding performance. Feels fantastic to do some frog splashes and punches.”


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