For years now, the internet has been firmly in support of Keke Palmer, our older sister.

The 30-year-old has kindly taken us along on her life’s journey off the big screen, starting with her early performances in Jump In! and True Jackson VP and continuing through the birth of her first child this year. Regretfully, this implies that throughout the past few months, we’ve also been privy to the drama unfolding between her and baby daddy Darius Jackson. Following the personal trainer’s public humiliation of his co-parent for having fun in a figure-hugging black dress at Usher’s Las Vegas performance, things between them turned tumultuous.

In the weeks that followed, they were able to brush it off as a possible publicity gimmick and remain reticent about their relationship’s state. It was shocking to learn that Palmer had filed for a restraining order against Jackson and sole custody of infant Leodis last week. A court appropriately placed some distance between the young family after viewing video footage of Darius touching the Chicago native and learning unsettling details about his sensitivity for animals that consume their young. TMZ is releasing more information while they wait for their early December court hearing. One such piece of information is a video in which Sharon Palmer appears to be threatening her grandson’s father with a gun.

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According to the publication, Jackson didn’t show up at Palmer’s house when he went to pick Leodis up to watch football. After the ex-couple started bickering, Keke eventually called her mother to discuss some ideas with Darius. “You motherfker!” In the video above, Sharon yells. Before things get much hotter, he asks from behind the camera, “Where’s my baby?” “You had better be careful! A gunshot may land in your motherfking skull!” she continues, just before the tape fades out.

Leodis’ father is currently disputing all claims of abuse, and it has been reported that when police visited their home, they were unable to establish sufficient evidence to make an arrest or even to make a report. On December 5th, the suspected abuser is expected to appear in court to present his case. Before TMZ released the purported recording of Sharon threatening Darius Jackson, Keke Palmer’s mother had a lot to say regarding the brother of the personal trainer. Sarunas J. Jackson, in the words of the matriarch of the Palmer family, is “the biggest f-boy in Hollywood.”


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