According to Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, big changes to Google’s search rankings are on the way.

This stems from a speech Sullivan gave at an event last Friday, in which he was cited as suggesting that “major changes” are on the way and that some people may need to “buckle up.”

After this story was published, Danny Sullivan responded on X, saying, “I was talking about numerous things people have raised where they want to see our performance better, or where they believe “fine, you improved this but what about…” And that all of these things match to enhancements that we are working on. There’s so much coming that I don’t want to say brace yourself, because those that create decent, people-first stuff should be alright. However, there are more improvements on the way.”

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Quotes. Here are two sites that quote Sullivan as saying, “buckle up, there will be major changes to search ranking signals…”

Here’s some more information:

With a slew of Google search ranking algorithm , it’s been a wild and turbulent year for SEOs. We recently received the November 2023 reviews update, the November 2023 core update, the October 2023 spam update, and the October 2023 Core Update.

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Are there going to be any more significant adjustments to Google’s core ranking algorithms in the near future? What will be so “major” that some of us will need to “buckle up” and prepare? How much more impactful will future algorithm modifications be than the ones we are now experiencing?


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