A new function that streamlines the conversion process for Amazon sellers has been released by Meta.

American consumers can now purchase things shown in their feeds without ever leaving the mobile apps by connecting their Facebook and Instagram accounts to Amazon.

“The most important ad product of the year,” according to Disruptive Digital co-founder and co-CEO Maurice Rahmey, is what the new feature is. He stated on LinkedIn the following to explain why the rollout is so significant:

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“Enhanced creative personalization of ads: Meta will adjust the messaging and product page of an advertisement according to the user’s Prime membership status and modify extra details like shipping and real-time pricing.”

Now, when users click on adverts on Facebook or Instagram, a shop-like experience within the applications is opened, allowing them to easily make purchases. Customers can make purchases using their linked Prime accounts without providing credit card information.

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Advantages for sponsors. Rahmey clarified that there may be a large financial potential for marketers, Amazon, and Meta as a result of this new partnership:

“Meta increases client investment by obtaining more attributable conversions and ad signals from the top online e-commerce store.”

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Higher fees for transactions. “Amazon receives a higher percentage of transaction fees from the best mobile discovery ad engine, which translates to higher sales on their platform relative to other retailers.”

Increased conversions. “Merchants benefit from a 1:1 measurement between their anticipated top ad platform and retail partner, as well as an additional sales channel to increase their conversion volume.”

Apple made changes to privacy in 2021 that made it harder for social media companies to target users. This meant that Meta’s ad income went down a lot. This along with a competitive digital ad industry resulted in a 64% decline in Meta’s stock price last year.

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Meta’s ad income went down for nine months, but it went back up last quarter. The company says this is because it laid off workers and kept investing in AI. So, it makes sense that the tech giant is looking into more ways to make more money from ads by working with the shopping giant Amazon.

Amazon’s statement. In a statement, an Amazon representative said:

“People will be able to shop Amazon’s ads on Facebook and Instagram for the first time and check out without leaving the social media apps.”

In the U.S., customers will be able to see real-time prices, Prime eligibility, shipping estimates, and product details on some Amazon ads on Facebook and Instagram. This is part of the new experience.


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