There are reportedly “thousands of people” waiting in line to be the first to let Elon Musk’s robot to implant wires into their skulls.

Musk also owns Neuralink, a startup, even though he is most known these days for being the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter, and Tesla.

To put it simply, Neuralink is investigating the possibility of implanting chips into patients’ brains to aid in the restoration of lost limb function.

“The short-term goal of the company is to build a generalized brain interface and restore autonomy to those with debilitating neurological conditions and unmet medical needs,” Neurolink founder DJ Seo told Bloomberg News.

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To test how the device will function on a real person, Neurolink needs to recruit some participants.

In essence, a robot will drill a hole in these individuals’ skulls and insert a gadget.

The chip, which is around the size of a quarter, and microscopic cables and electrodes that are thinner than human hair will make up the device.

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The company had intended to obtain FDA approval for the installation of this device in ten individuals, but they later negotiated a lower number.

Unknown is the precise number of patients who were accepted.

You would assume Musk’s business would have trouble recruiting a sufficient number of volunteers, given that you are essentially consenting to have a hole put in your brain.

However, Elon Musk’s biographer Ashlee Vance claims that hasn’t been the case at all.

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Vance said in a recent Bloomberg piece that he had been to the Neuralink headquarters ten times in the previous three years, but the company has not yet implanted any of its gadgets in a human.

Nonetheless, Vance reported that the business is expecting to operate on 11 individuals in the upcoming year, with the possibility of operating on 22,000 by 2030. The company has received a “outpouring of interest” from thousands of potential patients.

Although this might be a significant first step, Musk has enormous intentions for Neuralink, which you won’t be surprised to learn about.

The owner of X also hopes to “treat” developmental disorders like autism with the chips, as well as mental health issues like schizophrenia and depression.

Neuralink claims that its technology will “unlock human potential” and that its ultimate goals go beyond merely medical uses.

“The long-term goal is to have this available for billions of people and unlock human potential and go beyond our biological capabilities,” Seo stated.


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