Keke Palmer recently requested that Darius Jackson be subject to a restraining order. In addition, he asked for sole custody of her son Leodis.

Palmer, however, received both of those things yesterday night. The restraining order is only in effect for the time being; it will be reviewed in December. In the meanwhile, Palmer will be her child’s lone parent going forward. This could alter, but not before a significant amount of judicial proceedings must occur.

Palmer claimed in her court statement that she had been physically abused by Darius Jackson multiple times. He allegedly tried to take her phone during one of these incidents and clutched at her neck. Palmer included several images from security camera footage to support her claims. Some of these stills are shown here, thanks to Radar Online and The Neighborhood Talk. We suggest using caution when viewing these stills as they can be disturbing.

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According to the petition, Jackson reportedly lost it when Palmer showed him a photo of her in a bikini. This in turn resulted in a reported case of physical abuse. Palmer claimed, “He slapped my head from side to side and slammed me on the floor in the bedroom.” As I down the stairs the following morning, he was yelling at me from the foot of the steps close to the front door. He grabbed me by the neck and violently threw me back into the steps when I was almost at the bottom.

Palmer is hopefully doing well at the moment and receiving assistance from her family.


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