A very unsettling crime has a Hollywood connection: the dismembered torso of a lady was discovered in a bag, and the son of a prominent former Hollywood agent has been charged with murder.

Samuel Haskell, 35, was taken into custody by the LAPD on Wednesday after the horrifying discovery that the female victim’s body was found in a bag in an Encino, California dumpster. Mei Haskell, Haskell’s spouse, and her parents are still unaccounted for. Although the victim’s identity has not yet been released by the coroner, Haskell is being held on a $2 million bail.

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Samantha Haskell Sr., Haskell’s father, is the President of Magnolia Hill Productions, the organization that produces a number of Dolly Parton specials, such as “Dolly Parton’s Magic Mountain Christmas” and “Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colors.”

During his 27-year career, Haskell Sr. represented celebrities such as Dolly, Whoopi Goldberg, Ray Romano, George Clooney, Martin Short, Kirstie Alley, Tony Danza, Debbie Allen, Kathie Lee Gifford, and Prince Edward, the younger brother of King Charles. He retired from the William Morris Agency in 2005.

Investigators are currently going through Junior’s Tarzana house, where he lived with his wife and her parents, Yanxiang Wang and Gaoshen Li, as part of the criminal investigation against Haskell’s son.

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According to authorities, they have discovered bloody evidence of a crime in the house thus far.

A homeless individual purportedly discovered the severed torso on Wednesday while going through a dumpster in a strip mall. The DCFS in Los Angeles is in charge of Haskell Jr. and Mei’s three children, who are safe.

We’ve contacted Magnolia Hill Productions’ Haskell Sr., but we haven’t heard back yet.


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