Here are a few of the highlights from their conversation, part of which was featured on Zoe’s show this morning. The full interview is available as a podcast.

Several quotes from the interview are as follows:

Zoe For you, what does London mean? Is this a pleasant area to be, and do you have time to go shopping or take in the sights?

Dolly: I always make an effort to fit in some sightseeing and shopping, even if I don’t get to do either as much as I’d like to. I’ve been coming here for a very long time, and I even have a picture from when I once got to see the Queen! Naturally, we would go on all the tours back when my band was still in its infancy, so I have seen all the interesting places.

Zoe How did you find it to reflect on the life changes you’ve experienced?
Daisy: I do become emotional when you discuss it. Some things make you feel so emotional that you can’t help but think, “My God, did I really think I looked good in that?” Why did I think that? Sometimes I laugh aloud!

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Regarding upending Nashville and pushing the envelope:
Dolly: I let many people know that it’s okay to be who you are, especially girls and young women, and I smashed barriers just by being myself! Many members of the press, even the elite, commented, “Dolly, no one’s ever going to take you seriously looking like that.” Saying, “Well, this is how I like to look, this is who I feel I am, and I’m comfortable in my own skin, no matter how strange it may seem to you—I’m going to give it my all in my work.” And if I have true talent, someone will eventually find me and take me seriously as a songwriter. People will start to take me seriously as a singer, writer, songwriter, and person if they hear the songs, whether or not I’m the one performing them.

Dolly is a wise woman, and this is her motto:
“I believe my knowledge is to always be loyal to who you are. Shakespeare’s “To thine own self be true”—is it right? I have never read Shakespeare, but I have been given a lot of credit for everything. For example, when I say one of my favorite sayings, I may be saying it already, and then I find out it’s a Dollyism! However, I believe that proverb, “To thine own self be true,” has a great deal of strength. “Find out who you are and do it… on purpose!” is a Dollyism that I am aware exists in my book.

Thus, you should act purposefully, yet deliberately, don’t you? You must be aware of your identity and principles. And that’s where your strength lies because trying to be someone else’s shadow will only get you so far because that’s not who you are. Personally, I’d much rather do less and do it my way than attempt to replicate what someone else has previously done.”

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Each of us is capable of taking the world one small step at a time! However, I’m not a hero at all. I’m not a saint by any means because anyone can “Good lord, I ain’t all that!” is what comes to mind when I hear all the praise and positive things people have to say about me. No one is that good! No one is so significant, is they? I usually remark that I’m not even there all the time!

Is Carl, the spouse, pleased with the most recent album?
Dolly: Indeed! To tell the truth, I was a little anxious. He told me the album was pretty fantastic once I finished it. And that seems to me like someone else putting stars on the wall or something, or just bouncing up and down. But it meant the world to me that he would just remark, “It’s good, it’s really good.”

Regarding obtaining truthful responses in relationships and building a solid marriage:
Dolly: Yes, but not in a mean way! However, he always says something like, “It looks too important,” when I ask him whether he loves my hair. He always says, “Too stringy for me,” or something like that. But I know that if I ask him, he won’t just offer the information; instead, he’ll tell me the truth.

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The key to a long-lasting relationship:
Dolly: After dating for two years, we have been together for 59 [years] and recently celebrated our 57th anniversary on May 30. However, I believe that a big part of it is because we have a twisted sense of humor and are forthright and honest! He is absurdly humorous and intelligent. Additionally, I believe that humor has always been nice because I have a strong sense of humor from both sides of my family. I just like him, though, and there’s the love and respect! You know, I think Carl Dean is amusing, and I would have liked him if he hadn’t been my husband. If he had been someone else’s spouse, I would have said something like that. “It seems like we like each other and have mutual respect for each other, isn’t he a good guy?”

You at age 10 – How would she interpret your professional circumstances and her disappearance?
Dolly: She would probably feel the same way I did when I was younger—that is, as when I used to look around and see the people who inspired me and wish I could be all that. I hope a lot of young females are observing me and believing that I am all that. The Little Engine That Could is the book I started with in the Imagination Library. I also frequently claim to be a tiny engine that accomplished. Thus, in my opinion, you really have to develop into it.

At the time, I was essentially shy, but you learn and grow over time. However, I believe she would simply go, her mouth hanging open as she wondered, “Is that me?” Inside of me, I believe that little Dolly is still the same person. I’ve maintained her in tact because I never outgrew her. I still love my parents, my family, the mountains, and the Dollywood theme park, and I’m grateful that I can help my people back home. It’s the same tiny heart inside of me.


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