In a formal response to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers’ “last, best, and final offer,” the SAG-AFTRA negotiating committee stated on Sunday that the two organizations continue to hold significant divergences of opinion on a number of matters.

The committee said in a statement, “There are still several crucial issues on which we have yet to reach an agreement, including artificial intelligence.”

Since the beginning of November, less than a week has passed since both parties began drafting proposals and counterproposals. On November 1, studio representatives were presented with an artificial intelligence counter-proposal by the guild during a three-hour meeting. AI appears to be a significant topic of conversation, based on the most recent SAG-AFTRA updates.

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In July, when actors joined Hollywood writers on the picket line, artificial intelligence was a central concern for both factions. The pervasive fascination with artificial intelligence (AI) and the absence of regulatory oversight surrounding it in the past year have already been experienced by employees across various sectors.

As an illustration, several courts have denied requests from creators who assert that AI-generated images they have produced are entitled to copyright protection? Other artists are attempting to defend their work against artificial intelligence. Furthermore, on the grounds of copyright infringement, the music industry has been removing AI-generated music from streaming platforms. Amazon has also imposed a daily limit on the quantity of books an author is permitted to self-publish subsequent to an influx of content that was allegedly generated by artificial intelligence and made available for purchase.

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According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, the AMPTP desires AI searches for Schedule F performers, or guild members who earn more than the minimum for series regulars ($32,000 per TV episode) and films ($60,000).

According to sources, the clause would require studios and streamers to pay to scan the likeness of Schedule F performers. However, SAG-AFTRA wishes to affix compensation for the re-use of those scans and mandate that the AMPTP obtain the performer’s consent. The current offer from the AMPTP would permit streaming services and studios to utilize AI scanning of deceased performers without their estate’s or SAG-AFTRA’s consent.

The AI clause, according to one union source, is one of the reasons the guild declined the studios’ most recent offer.

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“This is enormous. The source told The Hollywood Reporter, “Every A-, B-, C-, D-, and E-lister — all the higher-paid performers — who believes this is a minimum wage strike must realize they are in this fight.” “That loophole cannot be used to exploit performers.”

Actors and representatives of Hollywood studios resumed negotiations in October, only to dissolve them a few weeks later. Although the AMPTP designates its most recent offer as the “final” one, the actors’ acceptance is not assured.

The SAG-AFTRA strike has lasted for nearly 120 days.


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