After 33 years on The Simpsons, a beloved—and despised—character has been eliminated.

The Simpsons is well known for its iconic Halloween specials, the most recent of which featured the death of one of the show’s enduring characters.

“In the thirty-fourth annual Simpsons Halloween special, Bart is turned into an NFT, Lisa turns to Sideshow Bob for help in tracking down a serial killer, and an outbreak turns Springfielders into Homers,” according to the synopsis of the episode, which aired on Sunday, November 5.

However, nothing about Lisa and Sideshow Bob’s relationship is as it seems, as Lisa’s dual personality becomes apparent and things drastically change.

Sideshow Bob has been planning Bart’s death since The Simpsons debuted in 1990, and he’s made multiple attempts to kill the unruly child.

Although it was expected that Bart would eventually murder Sideshow Bob (voiced by Kelsey Grammer from Frasier), Lisa is the one who ends up killing the convicted felon.

Following Lisa’s violent rampage, fans of The Simpsons took to X to express their opinions.

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One user wrote, “I knew Lisa was going to kill Sideshow Bob.”

“Oh my god, evil Another person stated, “Lisa is so good; she’s scarier than Sideshow Bob.”

Others were taken aback by the fact that nice-guy Lisa killed him.

One spectator wrote, “No way Lisa kill sideshow bob #TheSimpsons.”

Still another said, “Lisa! #TheSimpsons, you didn’t.

“Then Lisa was the murderer? I’m amazed by #TheSimpsons,” another person said.

In another segment of the Halloween special, Kylie Jenner portrayed herself in her first-ever appearance on The Simpsons.

Showrunner Matt Selman told Variety of his approach to Jenner for the role, saying, “We wrote her some pages, and I think it’s a good fit.” She was willing to be called out as a celebrity shill.

He went on, “It was kind of a door opener.”

“The role has humorous integrity, in my opinion, as someone portraying themselves.”

The most recent Halloween special is a part of The Simpsons’ 35th season, which has been receiving positive online reviews and praise from viewers who feel that the program is finally “good again.”

On October 9, someone tweeted, “Absolutely incredible Simpsons episode dropped last night.”

“I genuinely think The Simpsons is actually pretty good again,” stated another.

“Clever and satirical in a way that made the show funny but also heartfelt.”


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