Google has introduced a novel front in the battle against ad blockers on YouTube, wherein users who disregard warnings are unable to access certain features.

A “global effort” has been “launched” by the behemoth media platform to encourage users with ad blockers to permit advertisements on YouTube or subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience.

“Ad blockers are in violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service,” a representative of YouTube told AdNews.

YouTube advertisements enable billions of users to access their preferred content while supporting a diverse ecosystem of creators worldwide.

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In situations where users persist in utilizing ad blockers despite repeated requests to permit commercials, YouTube has the authority to disable playback.

Additionally, YouTube has increased the monthly cost of its premium service, which is devoid of advertisements, from $11.99 to $16.99.

Ad blocking is not a novel concept, and other publishers request that users disable ad blockers on a regular basis.

According to YouTube, the majority of ad revenue for extended form videos is distributed to the creators. YouTube has paid more than $50 billion to creators, artists, and media companies over the past three years.

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Google disclosed advertising revenue for the September quarter increased by 9% to $59.65 billion. Ad revenue on YouTube increased by 12% to $7.95 billion.

Hank Green, an author and veteran vlogger, can relate to the frequently expressed complaint, “There are now so many advertisements.”

He argues that it is erroneous to assume that Google should finance everything simply because it is so wealthy, as this is not its primary motivation.

“The new YouTube policy concerning ad-blockers has been described to me as ‘greedy,'” he asserts.

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“However, I believe that ad blockers are avaricious; they’re saying, ‘You, other person, watch advertisements so I don’t have to.'”

“Some people become extremely irate with the types of advertisements they encounter, a sentiment I share.” It stinks to be exposed to partisan misinformation in an advertisement. It disgusts me both when it occurs on television and when it occurs on YouTube.

“Some individuals have complained that YouTube publishes so many advertisements while creators earn so little revenue.” “Advertising on our videos generates 55% of the revenue that we receive, which is vital to the YouTube content ecosystem; therefore, that does not qualify as a good argument.”

YouTube’s most recent action has resulted in an increase in the removal of ad blocker software.

AdGuard states, “YouTube has always been hostile to ad blockers, but in recent times it has intensified its war against them.”

“Some users with ad blocking tools are now presented with intrusive pop-ups on the Google-owned platform, and their video playback is obstructed if they do not disable them.”


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