Soulja Boy has apologized to J. Cole following Nicki Minaj’s intervention.

The rapper from “Crank That” was offended when J. Cole acknowledged that at first, his music caused him some “resistance.” Soulja Boy responded to Cole’s alleged slight by calling him a “stupid bitch” and posting many derogatory messages on Instagram Live.

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A few hours later, Soulja Boy and Minaj appeared on a different Instagram Live to address rumors about their own falling out. She remarked on the webcast, “I thought you had a beef with me because you had said something after the VMAs, and I was like, ‘Oh, let me find out Soulja mad at me.'” Minaj was alluding to her September 2023 MTV Video Music Awards performance during the hip-hop 50th anniversary homage, in which she showcased a clip of her song “Itty Bitty Piggy,” which features a sample from Soulja’s smash song “Donk.”

She went on, “I would have loved nothing more than to have you there.” This is an excellent illustration of how quickly things can go wrong. I wonder whether you are aware, but I had to perform three times in addition to hosting a show and doing the red carpet. I had not even chosen what performance I would do during that time until the very last minute.

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Minaj went on to say that, had she had her wish, Lumidee—who was sampled on the rapper’s summer hit, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” which she also performed that night—as well as Soulja would have been part of the show. Never offend the queen in any way. We adore you and are always here for you. I just had a weird feeling about MTV, but you fixed it, so everything’s fine,” Soulja Boy remarked.

Regarding J. Cole, Minaj assisted Soulja Boy in realizing that he misinterpreted the rapper’s remarks.

“[J. Cole] stated he had to be honest with himself and acknowledge that it was people like you who were genuinely bringing the energy and keeping the wave flowing. He was essentially giving you accolades. When you misconstrued it, what the fuck were you on, and now you’re back to doing the most?

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It was not long until Soulja gave in. “Nicki just told me I took what he said wrong,” he wrote in an apology to Cole via his X account after he left the Live. Moreover, he was demonstrating affection. I’m going to drop it, then. My bad, everyone. I truly believed that the man was detesting me.

Then he said, “My bad dawg.” JColeNC @ Sorry if this was unclear. We come from two separate universes, so keep doing your shit. It’s difficult coming from where I did, man, but I stick by what I stand for. It was strange to believe that hostility would come from you because I endured a lot of it over my career.


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