There’s a good chance the future Hall of Fame quarterback may return to action this season as Aaron Rodgers’ ruptured Achilles tendon is healing at a rate never before seen in an NFL player.

Regarding the rate at which 39-year-old Rodgers is recovering from the severe damage to his left leg, we’ve been informed that he’s in “no man’s land” or unknown area. No player has ever progressed this quickly or this far before.

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An Achilles rupture usually requires more than nine months to heal. Aaron was hurt on September 11, which is only fifty-seven days ago. Rodgers wouldn’t be prepared to return until training camp the following year, based on that schedule.

However, Aaron is not your typical NFL MVP, and he decided early on in the injury that he would give it his all to play this season.

Nonetheless, medical professionals must weigh Rodger’s excitement against the risk of reinjuring his limb. Our sources say they won’t let him play until they’re certain he doesn’t have a significant chance of reinjuring the ligament.

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Interestingly, we’re told that the Jets’ reliance on Rodgers is one of the balancing considerations. It would partially mitigate the danger if he is essential to the outcome. Put another way, a greater level of risk can be accepted the more he is needed.

When asked why the 39-year-old is recovering more quickly than any football player in medical history, we’re informed it’s a combination of elite doctors employing state-of-the-art techniques and Aaron’s relentless physical therapy regimen.

If the 4-4 Jets aren’t in the running for the playoffs, then all the talk of a comeback may be for naught. If Gang Green is participating in pointless games, there’s no reason to expedite their comeback.

Derwin James questioned Aaron Rodgers about his projected return date after the Jets’ Monday Night Football loss to the Chargers.

To which Aaron said, “Give me a few weeks,” the Pro Bowl safety said.


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