The star of Wednesday, Jenna Ortega, has talked candidly about experiencing the pressure of Hollywood at a young age.

It’s probable that you’ve seen Ortega in the popular Netflix series as the witty Wednesday Addams, but did you know that the actor had a long history of performing?

At the age of nine, the actress began playing a variety of roles until landing the main role in the Addams Family revival.

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The 21-year-old has since thought back on those early days in Hollywood and realized that they weren’t as glamorous as they may have appeared.

Recently, Ortega revealed to Harper’s Bazaar that she battled feelings of pressure to live up to Hollywood’s standards of beauty.

“There were just not many leading Hispanic actors who I could be that for,” Ortega stated. “As a child actor, you can get two jobs: you’re either the younger version of someone or you’re playing somebody’s daughter.”

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As a result, many of the jobs I applied for as a child would never be accepted since I didn’t fit a certain mold.

Ortega continued, saying that she had nearly colored her hair blonde because she had found this rejection to be “really hard.”

“I desired to dye my hair blonde in order to resemble Cinderella,” she continued.

In the end, Ortega chose to maintain her natural dark brown hair color rather than go blonde.

She eventually learned the importance of being authentic and the good impact she might have on other people.

“I felt that other young girls shouldn’t have to look up at the screen and feel like they have to change their appearance in order to be deemed worthy or beautiful,” the actress stated.

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Eventually, Ortega was cast in more significant roles in Netflix’s You and Disney’s Stuck in the Middle.

In the Scream franchise, where she plays Sam Carpenter’s half-sister and one of the key characters who is targeted by Ghostface in the first two films, Ortega returned to her role as Tara Carpenter earlier this year.

During the conversation, Ortega also mentioned her want to learn more about chances behind the camera and how she may express her creativity in areas other than acting.

In addition to acting, Ortega will produce Wednesday’s second season.

“I want to be able to really orchestrate my own future and make more specific, precise moves,” she stated.

“I’ve even pleaded a little to be given the opportunity to make a mistake. Because if I don’t do it for myself, how can I learn? I can’t let fear of falling flat on my face stop me. However, it’s challenging to accomplish that with so many people looking on.”


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