While announcing the company’s relocation to Miami, Jeff Bezos has posted a nostalgic video of the original Amazon headquarters.

Since 1994, when he founded Amazon, the company’s founder has conducted the majority of his operations from Seattle.

Bezos, on the other hand, is departing the U.S. metropolis for a touch of sunshine as Amazon relocates to Miami, where he recently acquired a number of megamansions.

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In remembrance of this momentous occasion, Bezos uploaded an Instagram video featuring a youthful version of himself displaying the initial Amazon headquarters, which he established after escaping his garage.

Undertaking the video’s caption, Bezos stated, “Since 1994, when I established Amazon in my garage, Seattle has been my domicile. Touring Amazon’s first ‘office’, that is my father behind the camera in this video.

“My parents have consistently been my most ardent supporters.” They recently returned to Miami, where I spent my childhood (Miami Palmetto High School class of ’82—GO Panthers!). Being near my parents is important to me, and both Lauren and I adore Miami. Additionally, Blue Origin is gradually relocating its operations to Cape Canaveral. I still intend to depart the Pacific Northwest in order to return to Miami.

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“Having spent the longest amount of time in Seattle, I have accumulated an innumerable number of special recollections here. Despite the move’s excitement, I am making an emotive decision. Seattle, a portion of my heart will perpetually remain in your city.”

A nostalgic flash from the past features 30-year-old Bezos stating, “A tour of the Amazon.com, Inc. offices does not take long.”

“We are in the nerve center!” his father, who is operating the camera, can be heard exclaiming as he cheers on the CEO.

Bezos shows viewers his rather confined workspace and a selection of the merchandise Amazon carries in the video.

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In stark contrast to the assortment of products currently carried by the retail behemoth, that quantity is incomparable.

The action follows a man’s demonstration of Bezos’s net worth in comparison to a bog-standard millionaire using granules of rice.

In a video that has since gone viral and was uploaded to TikTok, HumphreyTalks clarified the situation using a particle of rice.

Clearly, he increased the value of one grain of rice to $100,000, thereby elevating the value of ten grains to $1 million.

Yang then spent countless hours physically calculating the value of the $1 billion megabucket by counting out grains of rice.


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