The on-demand television advertising produced by Betfair, a subsidiary of the Crown Resorts Group, has faced criticism due to allegations of promoting the notion of guaranteed success in the realm of gambling.

The advertisement titled ‘On Your Side’ showcases a voice-over that expresses Betfair’s affinity towards successful bettors. During this spring racing carnival, we are aligned with your interests and objectives. Providing authoritative advice, innovative betting strategies, and responsible gambling resources.

The success of an individual contributes to the collective success of the group. Become a member of the Betfair community at present. Encounter the distinctive qualities of Betfair throughout the spring season. The slogan “Betfair, on your side” is used by the company Betfair.

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The complaint that was lodged with the advertising regulatory body, Ad Standards, pertains to the AANA Wagering Code’s section 2.5, which addresses the promise of winning.

According to the complaint, the advertisement conveyed the message that the gambling company was supportive of the user, emphasizing that the chances were in their favor.

The promotion failed to provide a comprehensive assessment of the potential dangers involved in gambling, as well as neglected to disclose the unfavorable odds that significantly diminish the likelihood of winning.

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Betfair contended that the dismissal of the lawsuit was warranted on the grounds that the term “winning” employed in the context of gambling did not imply an assured conclusion, given the inherent characteristics of its business model.

The business model employed by Betfair functions as a betting exchange, referred to as the ‘Betfair betting exchange’, which operates as an online platform facilitating users to engage in peer-to-peer betting on a certain event at a predetermined price determined by the customers themselves. The system functions in a manner analogous to a stock market, wherein individuals have the option to either support (i.e., purchase) or oppose (i.e., sell) a particular outcome in a racing, sporting, or other event (e.g., Federal Election).

According to a representative from Betfair, the objective of the campaign is to differentiate Betfair from corporate bookies by highlighting certain elements of its business model.

Betfair’s revenue is derived from the commission it charges on a customer’s net profits in a betting market. This enables Betfair to assert in its advertisement that it is aligned with the customer’s interests.

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The advertisement explicitly outlines the outcome that will occur in the event of a punter’s victory. In the event that a punter emerges victorious, Betfair also benefits by earning a commission.

Similarly, in the event that the individual placing the bet does not emerge as the victor, Betfair does not generate any commission.

The Betfair ‘On Your Side’ campaign aims to prioritize the interests and well-being of its customers.

The Ad Standards Panel acknowledged the potential for viewers to perceive the advertisement as endorsing the interests of bettors, but ultimately rejected the complaints on the basis of the company’s underlying business model.

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According to the Panel, Betfair’s business model involves the corporation receiving a commission from both winners and losers, so rendering the outcome of punters’ bets inconsequential to the company.

The statement “when you win, we win” did not sufficiently imply that winning would be an assured result of participation. This is evident from the deliberate use of the word “if” instead of “when” to prevent any notion of guaranteed victory.

In its whole, the Panel concluded that the advertisement neither explicitly nor implicitly made any assurances of achieving victory, and hence, it was determined that the commercial did not violate Section 2.5 of the Wagering Code.


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