Nicolas Cage criticizes artificial intelligence in movies, labeling it as “evil.”

In a Yahoo! Entertainment interview, the renowned actor discussed his role in The Flash.

The actor’s admission that the finished product didn’t resemble what he had filmed sparked a debate with controversial actor Ezra Miller on the “misappropriation” of Tim Burton’s Bruce Wayne in the superhero movie.

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“Like me, I know Tim [Burton] is angry about AI. Yes, it was CGI, but at least I’m fighting a spider and they could de-age me. Since I didn’t do any of that, I’m not sure what transpired there. .. However, I understand Tim’s perspective,” he remarked.

“I understand his meaning. If someone was stealing and using my artwork, I would be furious. Ah, I see. I mean, I agree with him on that point.

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He continued by labeling the application of AI in films as “inhumane.”

Cage declared, “AI is a nightmare to me.”

“It is cruel. There’s no greater inhumanity than artificial intelligence. If someone were to take my artwork and appropriate it, I would be furious.

The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) made an offer to employ AI to reproduce the likeness of background performers, but union members rejected it earlier this year, when the SAG-AFTRA strike began in July.

Chief negotiator for SAG-AFTRA Duncan Crabtree-Ireland predicted that the technology will be “groundbreaking,” but not in a positive sense.

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“It was suggested that our unpaid workers ought to be scanned, receive payment for a single day’s labor, and their organizations should possess that scan – their picture, their likeness – and be allowed to utilize it indefinitely for any project they choose, without permission or payment,” he stated, as reported by the publication.

The union claims that even though the strike came to an end on September 27, problems with artificial intelligence and digital reconstruction by Hollywood studios still need to be resolved.

The union submitted AMPTP with a proposal about the usage of AI, which they are now reviewing, according to a report from Reuters last week.

“For more than three hours this afternoon and evening to present and review our revised proposal,” according to SAG-AFTRA, they met with the AMPTP.

SAG-AFTRA released a statement that stated, “We continue to await the AMPTP’s response to our comprehensive counter proposal package which we gave them on Saturday, addressing outstanding issues,” according to the story.


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