There seems a genuine prospect for Matthew Perry to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, potentially in close proximity to Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, contingent upon the preferences of his family.

According to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the governing body responsible for the renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is a desire to commemorate the deceased actor by bestowing upon him a star and organizing a posthumous ceremony. However, the decision of whether and when this recognition will occur rests with the actor’s family.

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It has been reported that Matthew was previously chosen as a recipient of a WOF star in 2013, following a nomination by his public relations firm. However, a formal ceremony to present the honor was never arranged, and as of 2018, the award has lapsed.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce expresses a strong belief in its ability to successfully renew the award for Matthew, contingent upon the approval of the head of the selection committee. According to chamber executives, that outcome would be highly probable and successful.

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As of present, there has been no communication from any member of Matthew’s family to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce regarding the arrangement of a star ceremony. However, this lack of contact can be comprehended in light of the circumstances.

If Matthew’s family were to ultimately make the decision to acquire a star on the Walk of Fame for him, it has been indicated that a family member would need to accept the star on his behalf. Additionally, the responsibility of inviting visitors to a hypothetical ceremony would fall upon the family, with a guest list ranging from 60 to 90 individuals.

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In addition, there is a sponsorship cost of $75,000 associated with the acquisition of the WOF star and the corresponding ceremony. However, it has been communicated that the financial obligation can be fulfilled by a studio, a family member, or friends, provided that Matthew’s family expresses their agreement with this arrangement.

Moreover, it has been reported that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce expresses a desire to place Matthew’s prospective star in close proximity to his fellow “Friends” cast members, Courteney and Jennifer. This proposed location is situated at the prominent junction of Hollywood Blvd and Vine Street, known as one of the largest intersections in Los Angeles.


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