Kevin Hart has spoken out about the presence of a TikTok doppelgänger, telling Funny Marco in a recent interview that the situation is “scary” and “crazy.”

Hart was handed a printed screenshot of @arabmoney44 on TikTok while discussing with Marco on an episode of Open Thoughts. Those who have seen the lookalike’s popular videos will notice that he or she is most likely using a face filter when crafting such recordings. In any case, he’s dubbed “Kevin Heart” in the Marco interview.

When he first sees the portrait, Hart sits in meditative silence for a moment before humorously correcting the presenter.

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“That’s not me,” he declared. “That’s a duplicate. “Do you understand what a doppelgänger is?”

Following that, Hart was given another photo of the identical lookalike, with Marco playfully implying that the images were indeed of the comic himself.

“That’s not me,” Hart stated once more. “That’s a double….” That’s a guy who looks exactly like me, and I believe he’s in South Africa or something. It’s insane, but it isn’t me.”

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Hart’s persuasion continued shortly after, with the comic eventually persuading Marco that he, too, has a doppelgänger.

“It’s scary,” Hart said. “It’s crazy.”

More information is provided below. The “Kevin Heart” debate begins just before the 17-minute mark.

This month, Marco fans have a lot to look forward to. As previously reported, Marco will join Speedy Morman for a special live episode of 360 at ComplexCon 2023. The discussion is scheduled for November 18 as part of a broader festival itinerary that includes musical performances by Kid Cudi and others.


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