Wiz Khalifa is an artist who has been around for quite some time.

Overall, he travels on sold-out tours and has shared the stage with some renowned musicians. However, there is a story that he has fallen off. He no longer has the same mass appeal he once did, and fans have noticed. He never fell off, in his mind. Instead, he argues that individuals are just concerned with statistics and appearance. He discussed his thoughts on the topic on the Back On Figg podcast.

“I think people are always gonna say that if you’re not right in their face, but if you look at what I do or the amount of shit that I put out or how constantly I’m working, you can’t say that,” he remarked. “Even the older songs that I have are still streaming and popular.” The n****s who may have old songs can’t perform them right now.”

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Following that, Wiz discussed the topic of big musicians not being able to sell out their performances. Despite massive streaming figures, Lil Baby has had difficulty putting together an arena tour. But Wiz has been able to sell them all, even though he’s not at the top of the charts. Wiz said, “They can’t sell tickets and they can’t go anywhere in the world.” “So I’m still doing those things and releasing newer music.” So it’s not even feasible to say it and mean it. You can say it because you believe it, but it doesn’t make sense when you put it all together.

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Wiz is still quite popular, and his fans support him. You need engaged fans for an artist to last a long time, and Wiz has done just that.


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