Keith Lee, a TikTok star, spoke out in support of an Atlanta restaurant that got death threats.

The pro MMA fighter turned food reviewer went to a restaurant in Atlanta to write a review. However, he was unable to do so because the restaurant wouldn’t serve his family.

Lee talked about his time at The Real Milk and Honey on his TikTok account, and his video quickly went popular.

But since then, there’s been a lot of misunderstanding because fans flooded Instagram to criticize the restaurant. Lee has now gone back to TikTok to clear things up.

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Lee put up a video last week where he talked about a diner called The Real Milk and Honey.


The Real Milk & Honey taste test 💕 would you try it ? 💕 #foodcritic

♬ original sound – Keith Lee

In the video, the TikTok user said he didn’t want to speak badly about the restaurant, but he and his family tried to call and order food, but were told the restaurant doesn’t take calls.

Then they tried to go in to sit down, but were told it was closed for “deep cleaning,” even though the doors were open.

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A video of Lee’s “real and authentic experience” went viral. Cardi B even used social media to talk about how hard it is to order food in Atlanta, and a lot of people went to what they thought was the restaurant’s Instagram account to criticize it.

A lot of people went to the Instagram page of a restaurant called Milk and Honey thinking it was the place Lee had talked about and reviewed. One person said, “I wanted to go, but after seeing Keith Lee’s video, I don’t know.”

“Tumbled the bag around a lot.” “A good Keith Lee review might have made a difference in your life,” said someone else.

But it wasn’t the right place.

Since then, Lee has spoken out in support of Milk and Honey Atlanta, making it clear that it’s not the place he tried to go to and telling his fans to stop being mean.

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He wrote yesterday (October 31) in a post, “I already made it very clear that I would not leave hate anywhere.” Don’t leave hate for the Milk and Honey, though—they didn’t do anything.

He said that the owner of Milk and Honey had told him that the staff and managers were even “getting death threats” because of Lee’s video.

“I’m absolutely 100 percent not with that,” Lee states. “That’s so corny and stupid, no matter what restaurant I like.”

“That’s not allowed here at all.” If you do that, you are not someone who cares about me or my family. That’s not okay under any situation.

The restaurant shared Lee’s TikTok video again and said, “We at Milk and Honey Brunch Restaurants wish to clarify that we are a different entity and are not affiliated with the restaurant known as ‘The Real Milk and Honey.'”

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“We understand there may be confusion due to the similarities in our names; however, it is important to note that we are the original Milk and Honey Brunch Restaurants established in 2017 and have worked diligently to craft four locations in the Atlanta, Georgia region.”

The statement goes on to say, “We are proud to offer our customers a wide range of culinary experiences in a friendly setting. Our main priorities will always be excellent service and high-quality food.”

“We want to thank all of our customers who have loved and supported our brand and fought for our unique identity and differences, especially after hearing about the bad thing that happened at ‘The Real Milk and Honey’ Restaurant.

“Thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm. We look forward to serving you at any of our five locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area.” Many thanks for being an important part of the Milk and Honey Brunch Restaurants group.


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