Last month, Offset and Kai Cenat appeared to be the best of friends.

As you may recall, the two shared a 24-hour broadcast. This was part of Set’s Set It Off album promotion. Many people said that this was a fantastic launch for his project. However, the album was released and did not have a long shelf life. Finally, it was a poor performance that left many people perplexed. The music was good, but it didn’t have the same effect as the launch.

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Offset was meant to appear on Kai Cenat’s new 24-hour jail live this week. The stream will run seven days and will feature a large number of guests. We’ve already seen Druski, Chrisean Rock, and NLE Choppa, for example. Unfortunately, as Kai Cenat disclosed a few days ago, Offset backed out at the last minute. It was a shocking development, but one from which Cenat needed to move on. After all, he had spectators to entertain regardless.

As you can expect, all of this sparked some intricate speculations about why Offset would have canceled. In fact, there were three distinct theories. For starters, people assumed he was only doing this since FAMU Homecoming was coming up and he needed to commit to that. Second, others speculated that it was because Offset had already served time in prison and did not want to repeat the experience. Finally, but most importantly, they believed it was all because Kai Cenat had a middle-of-the-road opinion on his CD. If you saw Kai’s reaction to Set It Off, you’ll know that he thought a handful of the tunes were “mid.”

For the time being, we will be left in the dark about what actually occurred. Whatever occurs, you can bet that fans will have some type of hypothesis about it.


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