Kodak Black has issued the following statement in an effort to assuage the concerns of numerous supporters who have expressed apprehension regarding his well-being subsequent to his recent appearance at Drink Champs.

Kodak’s conduct during the interview was perplexing to his admirers, who found much of his statements to be difficult to comprehend.

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“Assume only half of what you see and nothing you hear, as appearances can be deceiving,” Kodak advised on Instagram Live. Notwithstanding the comments, enthusiasts continue to refrain from purchasing it. One user responded to The Shade Room’s Instagram post featuring the clip: “I can identify an addict at a glance. You already are one. “That concludes the matter.” “He is an addict who is surrounded by enablers,” wrote another. The only thing that you ought not to believe are the statements he is expressing. “He is an obvious addict in denial; only he has the ability to save himself.”

One individual who voiced apprehension regarding Kodak was Ray J. Kodak expressed his displeasure with the singer’s inquiry by menacing her on Instagram Live. “Homie, Ray J, your little ass is a bh,” Kodak said, which XXL captured on film. “I do not require your assistance, py-ass na. I identify as heterosexual. My a** is amiss with you, friend. Beat your diminutive self. You were not involved in that Trump s. They ought to despise that py-ass na. You simply desire to go ubiquitous. You wish to achieve street virality. Our conversation brought me to the Trump residence. Who the hell are you? Trump secured my release from incarceration, my friend. Do you believe that I require your assistance in visiting Trump’s residence? View Kodak’s most recent remarks below.

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Kodak performed a freestyle and discussed his support for Donald Trump, among other topics, during the Drink Champs interview.


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