On Thursday afternoon, Beta Technologies’ ALIA eVTOL aircraft landed at Duke Field. aAt Eglin Air Force Base, for a deployment period with the United States Air Force.

The jet flew many short and long distance legs during its 2,000-mile journey from Burlington, Vermont, to Florida.

According to the corporation, Beta is collaborating with the military to evaluate the aircraft for resupply missions, cargo delivery, and human transport.

Beta anticipates demand from air cargo corporations and biotechnology firms looking to reduce costs and emissions for short cargo feeder flights and organ donation delivery, among other applications.

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The plant was just opened at Burlington International Airport.
Its competitors in the eVTOL field include Joby Aviation, which has an arrangement with the military as well.

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Zoom in: According to Beta, the airplane was charged on its own charging station network during four of flight stops, including a new position near Boston.

According to a corporate statement, Beta has 14 installed chargers and another 60 under development.

Before landing at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, the aircraft flew over Washington, D.C., becoming the first electric aircraft to pass through the heavily restricted airspace.

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The ALIA eVTOL will be tested by Beta and the Air Force over the next few months, with a simulator of the aircraft also on site at Duke Field.

UPS, Bristow, Blade, and United Therapeutics have all placed solid orders with the company.


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