“Now and Then,” Paul McCartney’s last Beatles song, comes out on November 2 with the help of AI and a demo from John Lennon from 1978.

That same month, Paul McCartney said that he had recorded what he called “The Beatles’ last song,” which was made with the help of AI software. “Now and Then” was made with a demo from John Lennon in 1978 and the help of AI to separate his voice. It will be released on November 2 at 10 AM Eastern, and a music video will come out the next day.

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You can get the song digitally and as a double A-side single on 7″ vinyl, 12″ vinyl, and cassette. The B-side will be the band’s first record, “Love Me Do,” which came out in 1962. A 12-minute video about “Now and Then” will come out on November 1, the same day the song’s release.

“Now and Then” was written and sung by John Lennon as a demo made in his New York home in 1978. At first, it only had Lennon’s voice and piano. Three demos—”Free as a Bird” and “Real Love”—were given by Yoko Ono to Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr in 1994.

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With the help of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) director Jeff Lynne, the other three Beatles recorded parts for a new version of “Now and Then.” However, Lennon’s vocals could not be separated from his original recording due to the technology available at the time.

While working with director Peter Jackson on his “Get Back” documentary, Paul and Ringo went back to the idea. With the help of AI, Jackson’s sound team came up with a way to separate Lennon’s voice on the original demo.

“There it was, John’s voice, very clear,” McCartney said. “It makes me feel very sad.” It’s something we all play on. Being able to work on Beatles music in 2023 and putting out a new song that people haven’t heard before is exciting to me.

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“We’ll never get that close to having him back in the room again,” Starr said. “It was very emotional for all of us.” “You know, it felt like John was there. It’s a long way away.

McCartney and Starr finished the song in 2022. Harrison played electric and acoustic guitar in 1995. Starr added a new drum part and background singing, and McCartney played bass, guitar, and piano. He also played a slide guitar solo that was influenced by Harrison.

“Now and Then” will be on the expanded reissues of 1962–1966 (The Red Album) and 1967–1970 (The Blue Album), which come out on November 10 and have new mixes.


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