AMC Networks has recently declared the implementation of programmatic ad buying on three of its linear networks, following a successful pilot conducted last month. This development marks a noteworthy and pioneering achievement within the industry.

This technological development is significant as it represented the initial instance in which live linear inventory could be procured programmatically within a real-time, biddable advertising environment. The idea was developed and implemented by the company in collaboration with FreeWheel, a worldwide technology platform serving the TV advertising sector, The Trade Desk, a global advertising technology firm, and Canoe Ventures.

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This innovation enables marketers to procure both traditional and digital ad inventory inside a single unified campaign by leveraging their pre-existing programmatic buying systems. The introduction of this novel capacity enables marketers to effectively control the extent and frequency of their advertising efforts, beyond prior limitations. Furthermore, it presents an opportunity for advertisers that were only focused on digital platforms to access additional linear audiences.

L’Oréal, in collaboration with their agency Omnicom Group, became the inaugural national advertiser to engage in programmatic ad purchasing, as part of a test initiative conducted in September alongside several other national brands. During the month of September, The Trade Desk and AMC Networks conducted promotional activities to conduct more testing and validate the effectiveness of this novel feature. The primary objective was to guarantee that the purchasing process was optimized for simplicity, efficiency, and seamlessness. The promotional efforts of AMC were centered around two main aspects: The Walking Dead, namely highlighting the character Daryl Dixon, and the company’s yearly FearFest programming event. As of the commencement of this month, programmatic buying has been implemented and is functioning at full capacity across all programs on AMC, WE tv, and BBC America.

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According to Evan Adlman, the Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales and Revenue Operations for AMC Networks, programmatic buying has long been the favored method for transacting on digital platforms due to its ability to provide improved targeting and efficiency. However, until recently, this approach was not feasible for national linear television commercials. In the course of this pilot study, we successfully implemented a real-time biddable procedure to provide seven unique creative executions to viewers concurrently within a single national linear commercial slot. This development represents a significant advancement for both our organization and the industry as a whole. Similar to our groundbreaking initiatives in addressable advertising, it enhances the worth of our inventory.

In the past, AMC Networks became the pioneer in the programming industry by introducing addressable advertising on linear television. Presently, the firm has expanded its reach and is now offering addressable spots in all time slots of its live linear and video-on-demand (VOD) inventory across its channels, namely AMC, WE tv, and BBC America. The implementation of linear programmatic buying, in conjunction with the company’s addressable capabilities, signifies a significant progression in television advertising. This advancement offers substantial advantages for marketing partners seeking to effectively reach the audience of the company’s widely viewed and superior programming through targeted, pertinent, and automated advertising.

We were enthusiastic about being the pioneering brand to initiate the implementation of this significant development in the purchasing of TV advertising. This initiative is well-suited to our focus on automation and efficiency, since it enables us to procure various forms of inventory collectively inside a unified procedure. According to Shenan Reed, the Senior Vice President and Head of Media at L’Oréal USA, AMC Networks, The Trade Desk, and FreeWheel have been valuable collaborators. Reed expresses anticipation for their involvement in the further development of programmatic ad purchasing in linear television.

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According to Mark McKee, the general manager of FreeWheel, this innovation combines two advertising technologies, programmatic ad buying and addressable TV advertising, to assist marketers in effectively reaching and engaging with their present and potential audiences. The first benefit of this approach is that it provides marketers with increased control, automation, and efficiency in the comprehensive process of purchasing TV advertisements. When combined with addressable TV advertising, this results in targeted advertising that effectively reaches the desired consumer demographic, hence enhancing and enriching the viewing experience.

According to Tim Sims, the chief revenue officer of The Trade Desk, the process of purchasing television advertisements is undergoing significant transformation. He asserts that the industry must wholeheartedly adopt programmatic advertising at this particular juncture. This integration facilitates the utilization of data-driven decision-making in linear ad purchases, enabling brands and agencies to get valuable insights for the development of highly advanced, multichannel advertising campaigns.


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