People are outraged after discovering that Urban Outfitters is selling ‘vintage’ iPods.

Remember when you didn’t have a smartphone and relied on your iPod shuffle or mini to listen to music?

In actuality, those days weren’t all that long ago, however Urban Outfitter’s categorization of previous edition Apple iPods as ‘vintage’ certainly makes me feel old.

If you want to relive your childhood, the iPod will cost you significantly more than it did in the early 2000s.

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In July 2004, Apple released the fourth generation iPod, a little, sparkly, colorful rectangle containing all of your favorite songs.

You’d spend hours downloading songs on the tiny device that could fit in the palm of your hand or simply slip into a pocket anytime you felt like dancing around with both arms outstretched, shrieking out a Katy Perry hit in front of thousands.

All of Apple’s older iPod models are iconic and symbolic of many of our childhoods.

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And, certainly, when we look back on our childhoods, it seems like a lifetime ago, but it wasn’t that long ago, was it?

Well, Urban Outfitters appears to believe that things from the early 2000s may now be categorized as ‘vintage,’ which, together with the price tag, is too much for millennials to bear.

According to, lifestyle store Urban Outfitters advertised items such as the iPod Color (4th generation), iPod (4th generation), and iPod Classic (5th generation) on its website.

The sale of the iPods also coincides with the device’s 22nd anniversary, according to the website.

“First introduced in 2001, the iPod is the quintessential MP3 player, and this iPod Mini (2004) is the perfect blend of new millennium design with modern features,” according to the item description for the Apple iPod Mini (1st Generation) MP4 Player.

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“These iPods have been updated with a brand-new battery and 128GB of flash storage, giving you plenty of room for all your favorite albums in a faster, sturdier package.”

“Each iPod comes with an original deadstock Apple sync cable as well as headphones.”

“This is a genuine piece of vintage retro tech – refurbished and restored by Retrospekt.”

Oh, and the ‘vintage retro tech’ will run you back $199 for an iPod mini, or $349.99 for a 5th generation iPod classic.

For comparison, when it was first released, the iPod classic 5th generation with 30GB capacity cost $249.

The product pages have subsequently vanished from the Urban Outfitters website, for reasons unknown – they may have sold out or are no longer available.

The pages, however, did not disappear quickly enough for millennials to catch a glance and go to social media.

“What circle of hell are we in that Urban Outfitters is selling iPod classics now?” one X – formerly known as Twitter – user asked.

“Why is Urban Outfitters selling a 5th generation Apple iPod for $350 in 2023???” a further question was asked.

And a third person wrote: “An Urban Outfitters sponsored post for an iPod in 2023 makes me feel like I’m losing my mind.”


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