Within the Google Ads platform, Google is presently developing a new overview dashboard.

This new dashboard looks similar to the previous one, but it allows you to choose what data you view on the dashboard and scroll through more data in a carousel manner.

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More information. Anthony Higman noticed the change and shared some screenshots. On X, he stated, “it lets select ALL the metrics and then click through on the right to see other things in the overview slide.” He went on to say, “Also looks like they are working on you being able to segment by time right from the overview slide.” He stated that he enjoys the site!

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Confirmed. Google’s Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin confirmed this feature this morning on X, saying, “We’re currently running an experiment with a limited number of advertisers to offer more flexibility from the overview page.”

Why do we care? If this new capability is implemented, it will be a major time saver for Google Ads advertisers. While the basic data in this Google Ads dashboard is beneficial, each advertiser may like to view the data that is important to them in the format that they prefer. So, if it becomes more widely available, this should be a great addition to Google Ads.


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