Travis Kelce has said more about why he told Taylor Swift’s security to “step aside” while the two were out on dates.

The NFL star and Taylor Swift have been seen together a few times, which has given people a lot to talk about on the internet.

Swift, 33, and Kelce, 34, have been looking so cute together lately, which has made fans happy. Kelce’s actions that seem to be protecting have only made things better.

One thing that made them stay together even stronger happened while they were out and about together.

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Like always, Swift’s security guard went to open the door for her while she got her car. But Kelce wanted to handle things himself, so he put his hand on Swift’s back to let the security guard know that he would be opening the door for Swift.

Of course, things might have turned out very differently if he had been more rough with her.

In the most recent episode of his show, the NFL star talked about what really happened.

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“I didn’t push him,” he said. The man knew I was behind him because I put my hand on his back. He probably would have tased me if I had pushed him.

He also said, “It was like, ‘Excuse me, sir.'” I have to get the door. I’m sorry. Behind you. Do not wish to scare you.

“I know it’s your job to keep crazy people away, and if you get randomly pushed in the back while standing in front of a door, that could probably be a little alarming,’”

Kelce said that on dates, he often feels a little “protective.”

“Whenever I’m on a date, I always feel like, ‘I’m a man in this situation,'” he said. I do look out for others, for sure.

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You’re aware of yourself or have that feeling all the time, I guess.

And Swift’s fans seem to have given Kelce their stamp of approval. Since Swifties are known for being very protective of their favorite singer, this could be a big deal.

“The way Travis puts his hand on the security guard’s back to let Taylor in” was written by one fan. The way Travis holds Taylor close by putting his hand on her waist while he shuts the car door!

“The gentleman that is Travis Kelce Tay is finally getting QUEEN treatment.”

Someone else wrote, “He told the guardian, “I’ll open the door for her.” “Oh my god, the way Taylor grabbed his hand after he shut the door.”


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