Free streaming services with ads are becoming more and more popular among households worldwide.

A survey by Digital TV Research indicates that the ad revenue generated by these services is rising at an exponential rate and shows no indications of slowing down anytime soon.

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According to Digital TV Research, the global revenue from free ad-supported streaming of movies and TV episodes is expected to reach $17 billion in 2029. A substantial rise over the $8 billion the platforms anticipate making this year. According to the study group, the United States’ share of that projection will be 38% in 2029. Down from 56% this year, indicating greater growth abroad.

The figures highlight how the streaming market is still changing. Moving away from paid membership services like Netflix and toward free access supported by advertisements. As subscription services like Disney+ and Max continue to hike their pricing, these options become more and more appealing to consumers on a tight budget.

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According to the report, the United States is expected to be the only nation to generate more than $1 billion in income from free streaming services, or FAST platforms. With Canada and the United Kingdom coming up slightly short of that total. Nearly half of the total will come from these three nations.

An additional $2.1 billion in revenue is anticipated in the United States, for a total of $6.5 billion.

“Pluto TV, Roku Channel, and Samsung TV Plus will account for nearly half the global FAST revenues by 2029.”. “Compared to the SVOD (subscription video on demand) industry, the rest of the FAST market will continue to be highly fragmented and experience far less globalization.”

According to Digital TV Research, Pluto TV is anticipated to bring in $3.1 billion. The Roku Channel $3.4 billion, and Samsung TV Plus $1.6 billion.

People are looking for more methods to minimize costs without sacrificing access to their favorite content as cord cutting becomes more common. Even among cord cutters, households are cutting back on the number of streaming services they subscribe to, according to an internal survey conducted by Cord Cutters News. Customers prefer to utilize fewer services, whether they are free or not, and spend less overall on entertainment.


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