YouTube is developing a new method for advertising to reach out to users. Last week, the video-sharing app unveiled Spotlight Moments, a new AI feature that automatically picks the most popular and relevant videos, allowing advertisers to more easily “own the moment” around major events that users are interacting with.

“Spotlight Moments gives brands a high share of voice across video content surrounding the world’s biggest cultural moments,” stated Austin Wignall, YouTube’s managing director of brand advertising, in a blog post.

Spotlight Moments, according to Wignall, highlights popular videos on the platform that are tied to a specific cultural moment, such as Halloween. The AI tool would enable a company to deliver adverts on Halloween-related video on YouTube as well as curate them to playlists on the sponsored hub.

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Spotlight Moments joins YouTube’s portfolio of AI-powered advertising solutions, which already includes Video Reach Campaigns and Video View Campaigns. The former seeks to raise brand awareness, while the latter seeks to increase brand consideration.

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The new AI-powered adverts are the latest move by YouTube this year to encourage consumers to watch and interact with more commercials. Recent tests and adjustments to the platform’s marketing may indicate a broader effort to increase premium tier memberships. Furthermore, the platform’s ad revenue has been declining all year, prompting a crackdown on ad-blockers.

YouTube announced in May that it would begin rolling out 30-second adverts that could not be skipped on YouTube via select linked TVs. YouTube has been trying smaller, less visible’skip advertising’ buttons and fewer, but longer ad breaks in recent months. According to YouTube, 79% of its visitors prefer video commercials that are gathered together rather than spread throughout the film.

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The platform is also repositioning its adverts in YouTube Shopping. Ads will now appear in place of the product shelf, and the products of the artist will appear in the video description. The modifications, which are currently only available to smartphone users, seek to make it easier for customers to browse and shop for things.

YouTube TV, the company’s premium tier, provides an ad-free experience. The site is currently having a limited-time offer in which you can pay $65 per month for the first three months. After then, the YouTube TV base package will cost $73 per month.


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