As songs (some created by humans, some generated by AI) continue to flood prominent streaming platforms, Simon Cowell has invested in a new service,, designed to assist young musicians stand out., based in London, says it “empowers creators to do what they love with engaging experiences, fair rewards, and fast payouts”. According to a press statement today., founded and run by longtime entrepreneur Scott Green. is touted to offer “swift 24-hour” payments, ticketed livestreams, live chats with tipping, and an 80% compensation rate for uploaders.

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On the “uploaders” front, a quick look at the relevant platform reveals that music and related instructive films (“Supercharge Your Singing: Why ‘Good Enough’ Isn’t Enough!”) are complemented by content pertaining to fitness, gaming, comedy, and much more.

Despite this range of paid and unpaid media, ad-free emphasized that it provides “exclusive content” from creators. While also noting the many millions of videos that arrive on TikTok and YouTube every day, as well as the correspondingly low average compensation to uploaders.

“The global video streaming market size is expected to reach USD 416.84 billion by 2030,” explained. “Yet, just under half (46%) of full-time creators make under $1,000 annual revenue, while 68% of part time creators bring in under $1,000. As rewards are built on an ad-based views system rather than genuine talent.”

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Though executives did not reveal the exact sum of Cowell’s investment, they did say that already has “thousands” of creative sign-ups and thousands of hours of video to its credit. Former Prince manager Kiran Sharma and Trustpilot chief product officer Ben Lavender, the founder of the BBC’s iPlayer, are among those who have invested in the new business.

Cowell said in a statement that he is “proud” to promote and collaborate with Citing the startup’s apparent discovery, financial, and promotional benefits for artists and others.

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“You never know where the next great talent will emerge from. I really believe that creating as many opportunities as possible for talent to be discovered and to build their own fan bases is great for everyone”. The 64-year-old said in a statement.

“The artists and the audience make 100% of the decisions. And provides talent with a new type of platform to promote themselves.” “I was really interested to learn that on, creators get paid within 24 hours. I thought that was a really good idea that hopefully will make a difference”. Cowell said of, which is slated to launch Play Store and App Store apps “soon.”

ROXi, a UK-based music-video and karaoke app created exclusively for smart TVs. Cowell as an investor late last year; the company subsequently secured a reported $9 million or so in further funding in April of 2023. Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and Universal Music Publishing Group announced the launch of Syco Publishing in August of this year.


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