Ryan Reynolds and Mandy Moore have publicly chastised SAG-AFTRA’s new Halloween guidelines, which encourage members not to dress up as characters from strike films and programs this year.

“Is this a joke?” The 39-year-old “This Is Us” alum posted on her Instagram Story on Thursday. “All right, @sagaftra. This is what matters?”

“We’re asking you to negotiate in good faith on our behalf,” she concluded. For months, many people in every sector of this industry have made significant sacrifices.

“Return to the table and strike a fair deal so that everyone can return to work.” Thank you very much.”

Meanwhile, the “Deadpool” actor, 46, responded to a post describing SAG-AFTRA’s principles on X (previously Twitter).

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“I am looking forward to screaming’scab’ at my eight-year-old all night.” “She’s not in the union, but she needs to learn,” he tweeted sarcastically.

Former SAG-AFTRA president Melissa Gilbert also blasted the union’s decision.

“Is this what you came up with?” Nobody cares what someone dresses up as for Halloween. Do you honestly believe that this kind of childish behavior will put an end to the strike? “We appear to be a joke,” she remarked on Instagram on Friday.

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“Please tell me you’re going to change this rule….and then go negotiate!” People are suffering greatly for the love of God, and this is what you have to say…c’mon. This is the kind of nonsense that keeps us on strike.”

She concluded, mocking the entire situation, “Let’s enact a policy that makes us look petty and incompetent at the same time.”

Striking actors have been united in their desire for fair wages, protections against the growing use of artificial intelligence in the industry, benefits improvements, and more since the strike began on June 14, but this is the first time members have publicly expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.


Ryan Reynolds & Mandy Moore Call Out SAG-AFTRA Over Halloween Costume Guidelines #ryanreynolds #mandymoore #sagaftra #riristea #rivetsoro

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SAG-AFTRA announced Thursday that its members should dress in Halloween costumes from non-struck movies and shows, which means no Barbie or Wednesday Addams this year.

SAG-AFTRA first issued recommendations in the form of an infographic on Thursday, advising members to dress up as “generalized characters and figures” from “non-struck content,” such as cartoon TV shows.

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This implies that popular Halloween costumes like Barbie, Wednesday Addams, and “Stranger Things” characters are not permitted.

The instructions also said that if members choose to dress like famous characters and figures, they should not post photographs of their outfits online.

“Let’s use our collective power to send a loud and clear message to our struck employers that we will not promote their content without a fair contract,” the table of contents stated.

SAG-AFTRA, on the other hand, sent a statement to the Hollywood Reporter on Friday, supporting its decision to impose the ban.

“SAG-AFTRA issued Halloween guidance in response to questions from content creators and members about how to support the strike during this festive season,” the organization said in a press release.

“This was meant to help them avoid promoting struck work, and it is the latest in a series of guidelines we have issued.”

SAG-AFTRA verified that the regulations do not apply to the children of striking actors in response to Reynolds’ concerns.

“We are on strike for important reasons, and have been for nearly 100 days,” said the statement. “Our number one priority remains getting the studios back to the negotiating table so we can get a fair deal for our members, and finally put our industry back to work.”

SAG-AFTRA’s Halloween regulations come after talks between Hollywood performers and studios broke down earlier this month due to the firms’ “bullying tactics,” according to SAG-AFTRA.

Drescher, 66, wrote an essay on Saturday in which she criticized the studios for their “disregard for working people” and “greed.”

In an open letter posted Saturday, SAG-AFTRA president Fran Drescher urged the studios to re-enter negotiations and chastised their greed.

“It can only end when the parties reach agreement, and to do that, the AMPTP must return to bargaining,” she wrote in an email.

“With the very existence of the acting profession at stake, to settle for anything less than a fair payment structure and guardrails for AI would be irrational,” what’s left of the “Nanny” actor went on to say.

“For the sake of everyone who makes a living in this business, we hope the strike is resolved soon, but make no mistake: We’re in this fight until the end.”


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