The manner of Tupac Shakur’s death will be established in court to dispel any rumors about a cover-up involving the rapper’s death.

At the age of 25, Shakur was shot and killed in a drive-by in 1996. A person was detained in relation to his murder 27 years after he passed away.

Duane “Keffe D” Davis, a member of The South Side Compton Crips, is that person.

He was taken into custody last month and is currently awaiting trial.

When Davis appears in court again on November 2, it is anticipated that he will enter a not guilty plea to the single charge of murder with a dangerous weapon.

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Some conspiracy theorists are certain that Shakur staged his own death, despite the fact that it is obvious that he is dead and has been for nearly three decades.

The bodyguard of the “California Love” rapper is said to have assisted Shakur in staging his demise in order to allow him to hide in Cuba.

In other news, the son of Suge Knight has made strange social media posts asserting that Tupac Shakur is still alive and resides in Malaysia.

To put the allegations to rest, however, the district attorneys handling Davis’ case want to refute this.

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To do this, graphic images of Shakur’s corpse and close-ups of his injuries would be shown to the court by Chief Deputy District Attorneys Marc DiGiacomo and Binu Palal.

Medical findings submitted following Shakur’s autopsy will also be displayed, according to The US Sun.

“The prosecution will provide evidence that Tupac is deceased at the beginning of this case. That is undoubtedly a crucial piece of information for the case, but it will definitively put a stop to any rumors that Tupac staged his demise or was taken overseas, an insider told the publication.

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They went on: “After Tupac’s autopsy, the jury will undoubtedly see graphic pictures of him so that medical professionals can utilize those to explain why he died.

“There is no doubt that he is deceased and the efforts surgeons and trauma specialists made to revive him after the bullet wounds entered his chest and abdomen.”

The source continued by saying that a few of Shakur’s close friends—rapper Malcolm Greenidge among them—will be questioned to verify whether they haven’t spoken to the “Changes” hitmaker since his passing.

When this topic was posed to Greenidge on September 29, during Davis’ Grand Jury hearing, he acknowledged that he hadn’t spoken to Shakur since 1996.


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