The majority of shows and games on YouTube TV have 720p video quality, which has been one of the main criticisms.

In actuality, YouTube TV broadcasts video in the same quality as cable TV, despite the fact that cable channels frequently only carry programming in 720p. While most HD TVs today are 1080p, many TVs in the early days of HD were just 720p.

The good news is that numerous athletic events will soon be upscaled from 720p to 1080p on YouTube TV. The YouTube TV Team hinted to upcoming changes to video quality in a Reddit update dated August 2022.

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What YouTube TV revealed is as follows:

We’re still investing in higher bitrates and better feeds. Higher quality 1080p material is currently visible to many consumers with qualified 4K capable devices that use VP9 codecs, with additional device coverage and enhancements planned for this fall.

NFL Sunday Ticket games will be broadcast in 1080p, which is a combination of native and upscaled video, with separate source feeds, as opposed to local broadcasts in 720p. We’re collaborating with our partners to provide you with additional 4K and 1080p HDR titles in the future.

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Regretfully, the majority of athletic events are still only available in 720p, but YouTube has begun utilizing upscaling to enhance its films to full 1080p HD quality. Regretfully, the networks are responsible for enhancing the broadcast quality of their other shows.

The good news is that cable TV can only display content from the networks; this problem is not limited to YouTube TV. While having everything in 4K or 1080p HD would be fantastic, networks must first begin creating all of their material at that higher resolution. Upgrading the content is YouTube TV’s only option until that time.


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