According to Hero Digital’s annual B2B Buyer Report, B2B buyers’ pain issues when engaging with technology vendors have persisted – and in some cases, exacerbated – over the last year.

The following are examples of persistent pain points:

Product or service information that is inconsistent across channels (45%). Difficulties communicating with knowledgeable support personnel (39%).

Companies are not evolving at the same rate as their industry or client needs (35%). Understanding how products would integrate inside their company (35%). Finding current product or service information (35%). These are consistent with buyer issues raised in 2022, emphasizing the need for greater product and pricing information — and the lack of progress done thus far in this area.

Image courtesy of Hero Digital’s B2B Buyer’s Report. This was done with consent. Go deeper: 15 cutting-edge tools that every B2B marketer should be aware of

What buyers do not desire. When engaging with B2B companies, buyers have strong feelings about what they don’t want. The following are the main deal-breakers:

Transparency in fulfillment processes is lacking (48%). Order delays/supply chain difficulties (47%). Communication breakdown (32%).

I’m willing to spend more for a fantastic experience. Regardless of their pain points, shoppers are willing to spend more for a positive experience: 81% of respondents stated they would pay a higher price for a product or service if the supplier had strong ecommerce and customer portal skills.

Why do we care? Buyers want to do business with organizations who are always inventing and expanding their digital capabilities. Almost all B2B buyers (94%) indicated their organization prefers to collaborate with companies who are constantly evolving their digital capabilities and experimenting with products.


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